1 Day
A Glimpse of Chefchaouen's Charm:

Chefchaouen Day Trip from Tangier Cruise Port

Enjoy an unforgettable Chefchaouen Day Trip with Stylia Tours, where you’ll journey from Tangier to immerse yourself in the mesmerizing beauty of Chefchaouen. Nestled amidst the Rif Mountains, this enchanting Moroccan town is renowned for its striking blue buildings that create a picturesque contrast against the natural landscape. Join us for a day filled with exploration, history, and cultural immersion as we uncover the treasures of this captivating gem.

Brief Highlights:

Tangier Shore Excursion: Day trip to Chefchaouen

Embark on a Tangier shore excursion that transports you to the enchanting realms of Chefchaouen, a gem nestled amidst the Rif Mountains. Here’s a glimpse of what awaits you on this captivating journey:

Exploring Chefchaouen’s Azure Alleys: Step into a world of enchantment as you wander through Chefchaouen’s labyrinthine streets, adorned with vibrant blue hues that reflect the sky above.

Uta el Hammam Square: Discover the heart of Chefchaouen at Uta el Hammam Square, where locals gather and visitors marvel at the beauty of the surrounding architecture.

Kasbah Ethnographic Exhibitions: Delve into the cultural heritage of Chefchaouen at the Kasbah, where exhibitions showcase traditional crafts, artifacts, and historical insights.

Great Mosque: Experience the spiritual ambiance of Chefchaouen as you visit the Great Mosque, a revered symbol of the town’s religious significance.

Detailed Highlights

Discovering Chefchaouen: A Tangier Shore Excursion

Arriving in Chefchaouen

As you disembark from your Tangier cruise, embark on a scenic drive through the picturesque landscapes of northern Morocco. Feel the anticipation building as you approach the fabled Blue City, renowned for its striking blue-washed buildings nestled against the rugged mountain backdrop.

Uta el Hammam Square

Step into the heart of Chefchaouen as you arrive at Uta el Hammam Square, a bustling hub surrounded by cafes, shops, and vibrant souks. Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere as you soak in the sights and sounds of this charming plaza, adorned with colorful Moroccan textiles and handicrafts.

Kasbah Ethnographic Exhibitions

Embark on a cultural journey at the Kasbah Ethnographic Exhibitions, where you’ll discover the rich heritage and traditions of Chefchaouen. Explore fascinating exhibits showcasing local craftsmanship, traditional attire, and historical artifacts, offering insights into the city’s storied past.

Great Mosque

No Chefchaouen Day Trip is complete without a stop at the iconic Great Mosque, a symbol of spiritual significance and architectural beauty. Marvel at the intricate details of its design as you admire the serene courtyard and ornate decorations that adorn this sacred site.

Practical Information:

Duration 1 day
Inclusions Tangier cruise port pickup and drop-off
Air-conditioned Transportation
Tour Guide
Exclusions Meals
Monuments’ Fees

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Tangier Shore Excursion, Chefchaouen Day Trip
Tangier Shore Excursion, Chefchaouen Day Trip
Tangier Shore Excursion, Chefchaouen Day Trip
Tangier Shore Excursion, Chefchaouen Day Trip
Tangier Shore Excursion, Chefchaouen Day Trip
Tangier Shore Excursion, Chefchaouen Day Trip

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