General Terms and Conditions of Business of Stylia Tours

The following general business and travel conditions become the content of the contract between the customer and Stylia Tours and supplement the legal provisions.

1. Booking the trip / conclusion of the travel contract

1.1 With the travel reservation (booking) and it’s confirmation, the customer and Stylia Tours conclude a travel contract.
1.2 The registration is carried out by the applicant for all other persons listed in the registration. In this respect, the applicant declares to be responsible for the contractual obligations of all persons listed in the registration.
1.3 The travel registration can be made in writing, verbally, by telephone or electronically (email, internet) after the customer has been properly informed by Stylia Tours.
1.4 The travel contract is concluded when Stylia Tours accepts the offer (travel confirmation / invoice). The confirmation does not require a specific form. As a rule, Stylia Tours will electronically send the customer the travel confirmation that complies with the legal requirements.
1.5 If the content of the travel confirmation / invoice differs from the customer’s registration, the travel confirmation / invoice from Stylia Tours is to be regarded as a new offer from Stylia Tours, to which Stylia Tours is bound for a period of 10 days. For short-term bookings – less than 7 working days before the start of the trip – the commitment period is 2 days. The contract is concluded on the basis of this new offer, provided Stylia Tours has pointed out the changes and has otherwise fulfilled its pre-contractual information obligations. Acceptance of the customer is made by express declaration, down payment or full payment to Stylia Tours.

2. Payment

2.1 With the conclusion of the travel contract and the handing over of the name and contact details of the customer money insurer in a clear, understandable and highlighted manner, the customer usually has to make a down payment of 50% of the travel price plus any costs of a concluded insurance. If the travel contract is based on an individually submitted offer, in deviation from this regulation, the amount of the deposit shown there applies. Services provided by Stylia Tours may have different due dates depending on the payment terms of the service providers, about which the customer will be informed before the contract is concluded.

2.2 The down payment is due within 7 days of the invoice date. The rest of the travel price is due 4 weeks before departure, provided that the trip can no longer be canceled for the reasons of Section 9. In the case of transfers from abroad, the customer must fully bear the additional fees for international transfers. For bookings made less than two weeks before the start of the trip, the entire travel price is due after delivery of the invoice including the security certificate.

2.3 If the customer does not make the down payment and / or the remaining payment on time, Stylia Tours is entitled to withdraw from the travel contract after issuing a warning and to charge the customer the cancellation costs in accordance with Section 5.
The customer is free to provide proof that no or significantly lower costs have arisen.
Stylia Tours reserves the right to pass on the additional costs incurred due to the incomplete or incomplete payment (e.g. bank fees, return debit fees) and to charge a reminder fee of 50 MAD if a reminder has been issued.

2.4 In the case of short-term bookings, i.e. if there are 28 days or less between the booking and the start of the trip, the trip price must be paid.

2.5 In the case of currency conversions, the rate of the settlement date applies and not that of the date of the booking. Stylia Tours is not liable for exchange rate differences. The bank may charge additional fees for debits abroad.

3. Services

3.1 The scope of the contractual services results exclusively from the service description of Stylia Tours and from the corresponding information in the travel confirmation. Any ancillary agreements require the electronic or written confirmation of Stylia Tours.

3.2 Brochures, advertising materials and other publications that are not published by Stylia Tours are not binding for Stylia Tours. The current price lists at the time of confirmation of the trip by Stylia Tours apply.

3.3 Third parties are not authorized to make commitments and / or to make agreements that deviate from the travel conditions or the tenders of Stylia Tours. Special customer requests must be explicitly confirmed in writing by Stylia Tours in order to become part of the contract.

3.4 Services that are provided to the customer as external services by third-party companies, even if they are booked through Stylia Tours, are not part of the scope of services of Stylia Tours (e.g. sporting events, excursions, external tours, exhibitions, cultural events, restaurant visits etc.).

4. Changes to the services

4.1 Stylia Tours reserves the right to declare, for factually justified, substantial and unforeseeable reasons, a change or deviation of the information in the respective service description before the contract is concluded.

4.2 Stylia Tours undertakes to immediately inform the customer electronically about changes or deviations in performance by email. In the event of a significant change in the trip, the customer is entitled to withdraw from the travel contract or to request participation in an at least equivalent trip if Stylia Tours is able to offer such a trip for the customer. The customer must assert these rights against Stylia Tours immediately after receiving notification of the change.

4.3 Any warranty claims remain unaffected insofar as the changed services are defective.

5. Price changes

Stylia Tours reserves the right to change the price agreed in the travel contract in the event of an increase in transportation costs or charges for certain services such as port or airport fees, security fees in connection with the transportation; entry, residence and public admission fees or a change in the exchange rates applicable to the trip in regards as follows:

5.1 If the transport costs, in particular the fuel costs, that exist when the travel contract is concluded, Stylia Tours can increase the travel price according to the following calculation:
a) In the case of an increase related to the seat, Stylia Tours can demand the increased amount from the customer.
b) In other cases, the additional transportation costs required by the carrier for each means of transportation are divided by the number of seats of the agreed means of transportation. Stylia Tours can request the resulting amount for the single seat from the customer.

5.2 Are the existing taxes at the conclusion of the travel contract such as port or airport fees, security fees in connection with the transport; Entry, residence and public entrance fees to Stylia Tours are increased, so the travel price can be increased by the corresponding proportionate amount.

5.3 If the exchange rates change after the conclusion of the travel contract, the travel price can be increased to the extent that the trip has become more expensive for Stylia Tours.

5.4 In the event of a subsequent change in the travel price, Stylia Tours must inform the customer of this immediately, but at the latest 10 days before the start of the trip. In the event of price increases of more than 20%, the customer is entitled to withdraw from the travel contract or to request participation in an equivalent trip if Stylia Tours can offer such a trip at no additional cost. The customer must assert these rights immediately after the change in the travel price by Stylia Tours. The declaration can be made by email to

5.5 As far as cost increases affect a tour group in its entirety, they are divided proportionally according to the number of heads. Depending on which calculation is more favorable for the customer, the originally calculated average number of participants or the number of participants specifically expected for the trip is used. Stylia Tours will provide reasons and scope for the price increase upon request.

6. Cancellation by the customer

6.1 The customer can withdraw from the trip at any time before the start of the trip. The resignation must be declared to Stylia Tours. If the trip was booked through a travel agent, the cancellation can also be declared to the latter. The decisive factor is the receipt of the cancellation notice. Withdrawal is generally possible informally. However, the customer is advised to declare the cancellation by email to

6.2 If the customer withdraws before the start of the trip, Stylia Tours is entitled to cancellation compensation instead of the travel price, provided that Stylia Tours is not responsible for the withdrawal and / or there are no unavoidable, exceptional circumstances.

6.3 Instead of the specifically calculated claim for compensation, Stylia Tours can assert the claims listed in the cancellation policy. The cancellation conditions apply in their respective form concluded at the time of the contract.

7. Services not used

If the customer does not make use of individual services for reasons for which Stylia Tours is not responsible, the customer is not entitled to a proportional reimbursement. This obligation does not apply if the services involved are insignificant or if there are legal or official provisions opposing reimbursement.